It's hard to say when this little nugget actually had its inception, was it the last 14 years of gardening and seed saving? Maybe it was when I first got into working with essential oils and teaching myself to make body care products for my family. Either way, Vellum itself started as a very 'what if' conversation with one of my closest friends, and evolved into a 'I think I can do that, but now where do I start' conversation inside my own head over the course of many months.

I ruminated on product ideas for over a year when I finally decided to just start making them - some with countless hours of perfectionist over thinking, and some without. Given mostly as gifts (in order to gain a loyal group of human test subjects), the response was overwhelmingly positive, even on items in their first draft.

So here I am, thanks for joining me! I hope that through my product descriptions and blog posts you find something of value, even if it's just a giggle, or a perspective you had not previous considered. If it inspires you, or helps you find a product you love, let me know - I love to hear it!

Vellum & Verbena started


What you may not already know about me is that first I am a mama and wife, and those are my most important and widely used titles. Other hats I wear at any given moment include teacher, witch, yoga instructor, editor, eco warrior, animal activist, travel junkie, cancer survivor, athlete, video game nerd, project manager, family accountant and now small business owner.

Within this new hat are many tiny hats, like content creator, self care specialist, head of research & development, and senior web designer. It's a lot, but I'm genuinely excited to offer unique and classic; simple yet thoroughly indulgent items for people's self nurturing routines - after all, in order to support the whole human, we have to support mental, physical and emotional well being.

Elysse Kimberlin