Unique recipes using exceptional ingredients and made in small batches to ensure impeccable quality, as well as sustainability.

from homegrown and ethically sourced components


hand-tended and collected seeds

Did you know that there's an entire exchange network of seed savers whose mission is to make sure that a culturally diverse food crop is available for future generations?

Crafting things with care...

...for self care. Just as I strive for environmental responsibility with everything I do inside my garden, I also strive to bring this same level of careful attention to all of my products, and every component that goes into them.

Sustainability isn't just about the environment, but also economic and social. It's for this reason that I research where my ingredients are sourced, the people making them, the business practices of the company selling them, and even the distance and method of transportation.

Buying locally, and wanting a low environmental impact sometimes means spending more time and money, but the resulting level of quality, craftsmanship and peace of mind are undeniable.

Perfecting unique recipes...

wooden ladle and chopping board with ginger during daytime
wooden ladle and chopping board with ginger during daytime

In addition to carefully choosing my ingredients, and continuing my education around sourcing and sustainability, I love experimenting with new recipes, components and methods on a regular basis.

I use a small, yet helpful group of human test subjects (and never test on animals unless you count catnip), and thoughtfully consider all their feedback to ensure that I bring only the most exceptional, enjoyable products to my shop. If you've already tried some of my hand crafted products and you've got praise or thoughts to share, I'd love to hear it!

on environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility goes beyond the simple "reduce reuse recycle" approach we've been hearing about since the 80s. If we really want to live sustainably we have to think about every purchase we make, as well as every item we throw away.

In growing my garden, I think about where I've purchased my seeds, what I put in the soil and what I use for pest and weed control. I also try to mitigate "downstream" and long term impacts like erosion, pollution of storm run-off, and accidental elimination of beneficial insects and microbes.

My process...

As both a green witch, and a kitchen witch, much of what I offer comes straight from my practice. I am intentional with my magick work and test many of the herbs and flowers that I grow in my garden with the products I create. When appropriate, I cleanse tools and vessels as well as create and charge items according to the lunar calendar.

My herbs, flowers and seeds are birthed from a garden free from pesticides and herbicides, so as to be a haven for wildlife. All living things - except maybe aphids and wireworms - deserve to be nurtured.