Essential Oils: Any of my products that contain essential oils will list the specific oils that were used and in the instance where there are different versions, I will also list the type. The brands of EOs that I trust and use for my products include: Eden's Garden (women owned and gives back through the "Seeds of Goodness" program), Aura Cacia (30+ years as a trusted source and gives back through their "Positive Change" project), Plant Therapy (EPA Green Power Partner and gives back through the "Planting Kindness" program) and Rocky Mountain Essential Oils ("SAAFE Promise" with GC/MS testing).

Homegrown Herbs/Flowers: Herb bundles, bath salts, lip treatments and several of my other products include my homegrown and hand picked herbs and flowers from my garden. I cannot claim that they are organic without a certification, but I don't use pesticides or herbacides on my plants or in my soil.

Trusted Brands and Ingredients

Soap Bases: All of my soaps are currently made with soap bases from Saponify and Craft & Nature. I am trying to move away from palm oil so this may change. I have not yet ventured into the world of traditional soap making using fat + lye.

Cocoa Butter: I get my cocoa butter from Plant Therapy who is an EPA Green Power Partner.

Bee's Wax: My products that include bee's wax make use of items sold by Beesworks, Apothecary Shoppe and other local small businesses.

Shea Butter: I use USDA certified organic, raw and unrefined African Shea Butter from Plant Therapy in my luscious lip treatments and body creams.

Carrier Oils: In my hand crafted roller scents, I use sweet almond or grapeseed oils. Sweet almond is very light weight and soaks into the skin quickly while also being a great moisturizer. Grapeseed is also light weight, has a silky finish and can also be a bit astringent for oilier skin types.

Salts: What can I say? Salt is from the Earth!The Himalayan Pink Salt is mined from the Himalayan Mountains and the Kosher Sea Salt is harvested from environmentally protected waters using wind and solar power. It also happens to be from a local PNW company. I also use Epsom Salts, known as magnesium sulfate, used for centuries for its benefits. Magnesium Sulfate is obtained by evaporating water from lakes that are rich in the compound.

For anything else not listed here: just ask - I do my very best to be completely transparent about what goes into my products!

Other Oils: Other oils that may be included in my products include Jojoba, Coconut, and Vitamin E. I try to use reputable brands and my favorite for these are Now Solutions andJĀSÖN®. Both companies have environmental sustainability as one of their core values with NOW committed to responsible sourcing, recyclable packaging and solar powered facilities and JĀSÖN® using mainly plant based, biodegradable ingredients and never testing on animals.