The Calm Before the Storm

Aries - the beginning of the astrological new year - is all about action. So, it's apropos that right before that we get a period of calm - perfectly timed for dreaming, creating and planning. Welcome to Pisces Season.

2/21/20232 min read

Okay, so while I am a few days late to this season, there’s no rush, because Pisces is all about being super chill, doing lots of thinking and going with the flow. This water sign is mutable – meaning it loves to explore and adjust to its surroundings. The mood for this season is no different – adaptability, flexibility, and dreamy smooth sailing is what you can expect all the way through to March 20th.

However, don’t assume you can just coast, because if you don’t use this peaceful time for appropriate planning – Aries will hit you with all the action-oriented energy of an Avengers movie...for real though. This makes next season the perfect time to launch something new – a new workout or training plan, a new business, a new relationship, or a new project – but only if you’ve taken full advantage of Pisces’ serene energy for carefully and meticulously plotting every step, every ingredient, and every prerequisite that you’ll need to successfully execute your new venture.

Be careful not to be too amped up with planning though – this isn’t wedding planning or a multi-million-dollar merger (or maybe it is?), and Pisces doesn’t want you to stress. In fact, while this water sign does want you to cover your ass, it expects you to do it calmly. So much so that you may feel a pull toward meditation, stretching, a relaxing bath or a warm cup of tea…even if these things aren’t normally your jam. Pisces also never wants you to spend all your hard-earned cash on de-stressing, but instead encourages you to enjoy the simple things like your favorite music, time with friends, or your favorite quiet hobby to create the Zen you need in preparation for making all your moves next season.

Pisces is frequently known as a dreamer, so this season is also excellent for creatively visualizing all your wildest dreams. Whimsical, loving and sensitive, Pisces also invites you to tap into your intuitive, romantic side, honor your emotions and set intentions for the future.

Another way to think about this time is: out with the old, and in with the new. In other words, as the final season of the astrological calendar, Pisces is wrapping things up, bringing the zodiac year to a close and in doing so, inviting you to release that which no longer serves you – old identities, relationships, labels, ways of being, ways of acting and ways of expressing yourself that no longer help you accomplish your dreams. Once you’ve let those go, patient Pisces then nudges you to delve deeper, to be more present within your true self to find that which feeds your soul. Imagine cultivating, nurturing and achieving your dreams - dreams which you may never have even uttered aloud - Pisces says "I got your back, craft your blueprint, because the time is coming…"

The action-packed energy of Aries sits right on the horizon, and it may feel daunting, but thanks to the relaxed nature of Pisces, you’re probably not feeling scared. On the contrary, you’re likely feeling a very balanced sense of peace and anticipation. Everything is under control.